Hey guys,
I just bought an Acoustic 475 system (470 head, 405 cabinet). It blew fuses, had lots of rusted hardware and the high frequency horns didn’t work. But, physically it’s pretty nice. I replaced all the hardware, fixed the fuse blowing problem (it was a shorted bridge rectifier in the power supply, see 450/470 area) and resolved the horn issue (corroded rotary switch in the crossover section). Cleaned the system top to bottom and now it looks and sounds brand new. It’s history is that it spent it’s entire life in a house and was never taken out to gigs (poor girl). But the speaker cabinet got wet from a leaky pipe resulting in rusted hardware. There are practically no scratches, dings or worn out silkscreen graphics and even the foot-switch is in really nice condition. The internal guts of the head were in pristene condition and you can see that folks at acoustic really knew how to make a great amp (“Made in the USA” really means something). This rig was advertised as a guitar/bass system but they forgot to mention that with it’s power and combination of speakers/horns, it’s perfect as a keyboard system. In my case, a 12 string Chapman Stick sounds great through it.

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