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A well regarded social philosopher once said:

“Music is an analog of the structure of existence itself. And it calls to you to take part in it. It puts you directly in touch with the meaning that sustains you in life, and [it drives you] to bring yourself into alignment with that.”

To that end, db Audio’s quest is to faithfully reproduce and amplify a musical instrument’s sound. This leads to our mantra: Accurate Analog Amplification

IMPORTANT – Stage amplification must be great:

The audience members seated nearest to the stage paid big money to be close to the band. And you must realize and accept the simple truth that sound from the house PA flies right over their heads, passing them by.

The trend to place only a small amp on stage and route your instrument through the house PA, expecting it to do all the work, is flawed. This is because the richest, most important sound emanates from your musical instruments and stage amps.

Great amplifiers on stage can bring all electric axes/keyboards/synths up to the natural level of the drums and other acoustic instruments. Without these amps, those people closest to you will hear only an incomplete array of instruments. It would be viscerally bereft of color & soul, of everything that makes live music great.

Your fans, your band members and you deserve the greatest amplified acoustical environment that can be created. You owe it to them. You owe it to yourselves!

Doug Butler: Principal, Design Engineer

  • Came of age in the 1970’s, playing bass guitar and to a much lesser extent, keyboards. With a passion for all things audio, mixed PA sound for bands, designed and built lighting controls, repaired amps/speakers and created a theatrical Laser Scanner System. More recently a desire evolved for playing the Chapman Stick (thank you Tony Levin). In the past ten years, skills were developed for restoring all those great bass amps from the 70’s that were not affordable as a teen.
  • Recently retired as VP, Engineering & Critical Systems for a major broadcast news network in New York City. Spent entire 40 year career first troubleshooting, then system design, implementation and testing oversight of major broadcast facilities including NY studios and sports mobile units. Also presided over facility’s main and emergency power/UPS/generator systems, BMS control & secure network backbone and fuel systems.
  • In parallel with above career, maintained a part time position as Line Pilot with a helicopter company flying Bell 206L3 & L4 Long Rangers (now 407s), operating in New York City and around the tri-state area. Hold FAA Commercial/Instrument rating in Helicopters, Private/Instrument rating in Single Engine Airplanes (with multi-engine experience) and a Private rating in Sailplanes. Now actively soaring over the Catskill/Appalachian Mountains, held aloft only by atmospheric activity driven by the Sun and the Earth.

Kathy Butler: Artist, Photoshop & Premiere Editor

  • Responsible for db Audio’s logo and website development

Jill Windwer: Professional Advisor

  • Responsible for the evolution of db Audio in areas of law, business and website operations

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